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About Me

If you’ve found your way over here, it means that you are interested in waterfowl hunting. Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or just starting out, you have come to the right place. Our expert tips can help you hone your skills and improve your hunting experience.

Hey folks, my name is Steve and I am the person behind this website. I am an avid hunter, a featured speaker, a waterfowl authority, and the Chief Editor at the Duck Season

I have been an avid waterfowl hunter for over 40 years. I have started this website to share expert hunting tips and latest gear reviews.

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How I Create Content

Hey there, fellow waterfowl hunters! My goal is to equip you with the knowledge, tools, and information to elevate your hunting game.

I take great pride in bringing you top-quality hunting tips and in-depth gear reviews. It’s essential to me that you can trust the content you find here. So, I personally curate and put together every piece to ensure its reliability and accuracy.

Sometime, I collaborate with other waterfowl hunter to enhance or support our expertise. But, rest assured nothing gets published without my approval as the Chief Editor of this site.

I’ve also taken great care while designing the site to make it informative as well as easy to use. All the expert tips and reviews have been organized into categories you can find on our primary menu. It allows you to navigate easily or search for any specific piece of information.

I hope you enjoy the content I bring to you as much as I enjoy creating it. Feel free to contact me via the form on our Contact page id you have any questions, suggestions or feedback.